Hey Ladies!

I'm Nadia, founder of Wild Beauty Western Boutique! All my life I had been looking for clothes that I really liked and unique, but I was always disappointed with the fashion that could be found here in Belgium.
When I bought my first horse, a whole new world opened up for me, the western style immediately appealed to me, and I immediately fell in love with the aztec prints, the fringe jackets, boots and everything that went with it! But here you only had the limited ranch clothing style, until I saw several influencers on social media promoting the western style.
Of course it wasn't that easy to order from America every time and since I needed a career change, I started brainstorming and the rest is history! That is why I like to share my love for the western style with great passion and not only for the cowgirls among us, but for everyone who wants to dress original. 

Photographer: Kim Cornelli